Richard Caldicott - Sous Les Gallery

Richard Caldicott, Sous Les Etoiles Gallery

With a profound sense of method and extreme rigor bases on the direct drive and the precision of gesture, Richard Caldicott approaches the medium of photography as an endless enigma. “Iterations” is a series about overlaying, scaling, repeating, and multiplying. Through the process of duplication, replication and the subtle adjustments of color, his images follow a discernible linear compositional logic. Forms, surfaces and colors are developed according to his experience and vision that invite us to dive into his universe at any moment. Other existing works – from his archive – have been manipulated in a post-photography, post-production experimental way of working. Incidental marks and processes overlap. The artist explores issues of layering, or over-writing, as in a palimpsest, but his starting point is always the hand made method. The sense of recycling echoes Jasper John’s work and his famous sketchbook quote: “Take an object. Do something to it. Do something else to it.” Introducing a new chromatic range, simple in form, yet meticulously focuses and detailed, each work provides a sense of continuity that develops a richness in complexity of space, surface and texture. Reflections and counterpoint structures also create delicate impressions. In “Iterations”, Richard Caldicott reveals once again his jubilant pleasure of exploration and enchanted lyricism of combinations. Since the artist’s acclaimed series featuring Tupperware in the 1990s, Richard Caldicott has continually challenged photographic codes of representation in favor of new aesthetic and symbolic intentions. Employing traditional analog photography methods, Caldicott imbues his minimalist set of components with rich, vibrant color. Richard Caldicott’s work has been acquired in several significant public and private collections, including The David Kronn Collection; Peter C. Ruppert Collection; Museum im Kulturspeicher, Germany; Goss-Michael Foundation, Dallas, TX; Goldman Sachs International, London; Kunstmuseum Bonn, Germany; Sir Elton John Collection / Ann and Jürgen Wilde, Köln; and Fidelity Worldwide Investment, London, among others. His work has been exhibited extensively in solo and group shows, as well as several art fairs, including Art Basel, Photo Miami, Paris Photo, FIAC, The AIPAD Photography Show, and the Venice Biennale. Richard Caldicott (b. 1962) graduated from The Royal College of Art in 1987 and currently lives in London.